My name is Per Øyvind Smebye Weum, but people just call me “PØ” or “POW”. I am 35 years old and live in Oslo.

I am currently working as an Digital designer and Product manager for Vy’s design system; Spor. I primarily work with digital design, animation and ux. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Digital Design, with a focus on Graphic Design and Typography at the Queensland College of Art/ Griffith University.

Since then I have worked in the advertising industry as a digital designer, animator and advisor. Working with a broad spectrum of clients such as; SAS, Arbeidstilsynet, McDonald’s, Avinor, Fjordkraft, Matmerk, Peugeot, Manpower and YARA.

The teams I have worked with has found success winning awards in Gullblyanten, Cannes Lions, Eurobest, ANFO effekt, CMA and Sabre.

I am a huge tech enthusiast and gamer. I love to use my spare time researching and building on my smart-home, my PC and play games (PC, console, or boardgames).