Another Platform

Every company operating with content on the web is constantly looking for the best way to monetize.

The two go-to ways of monetization is an ad-based model or a monthly subscription fee covering the whole platform (or collection of platforms). Ads are the easiest to implement, but also the one method that creates the most amount of friction for the user. The other option platforms often go to is the pay to read/watch model. It comes in many variants, but often in combination with ads or payed content. Don’t want ads? “Pay for a subscription, and get exclusive content”.

There are other alternatives out there and as the internet has matured so has it’s users. People seek quality over quantity and are often loyal to the platform or creator that caters to their interests. We wanted to create a platform where people could enjoy writers, journalists, photographers, videographers and other creators in their own space. You can engage in content based on your interests, follow a creator you like, read popular content or see whats happening near you. Giving users the ability support creators the way they want. By subscribing to a creator, allowing for different sub tiers, donating to a channel or tip an individual article you like.


The website is divided into two main areas. The “feed”, where you read your news and stay up to date with the creators you follow or categories you read/watch. And the “profile”, which is the creators own channel, where you as a subscriber can take part in that creators community, stay up to date with their posts and interract with the creator. Everyone that registers can produce content and kick-off their own channel. In your dashboard you can quickly access the information you need as content creator or consumer.

The Design

The creators you follow, front and center, that is the mantra of is. The four feeds represents your personal “home” feed consisting of posts by your favourite creators. “Popular” is where you can find other popular content based on your preferences. We want to highlight local communities so the “local” feed is content from your selected area. “Categories” is not a single feed, but an option to seek new creators based on categories you’re curious about. We wanted that no matter what type of content you create, be it poems or documentaries, your post will get the same amount of room in peoples feed.

Your Channel

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to run your own channel and interract with your community. You have full control over what content is available to different users, your subscriber goals and benefits. You also have the ability to add moderators to your community page. The dashboard gives you access to all the tools you need. You can manage subscribers, edit your content or check your economy.

Element repository

Design: Per Øyvind Weum
Development: Bjørn Salte og Torstein Raabye Haugen