Who Wants To Be President?

“Who Wants To Be A President” is a satirical game based on Geelmuyden Kiese’s “Role graph”. You have to choose between which role you want to play in the election. Are you the “Expert” or the “Victim”, or maybe even the “Challenger”? Each role is explained in the character selection screen and ties back to the story. Your goal in the game is to be the sole survivor and be crowned the next “President”.

View of ‘on screen’ mode.

The gameplay is based on an endless sides roller where you have to jump over obstacles. Every stage gets harder and you only have three lives. The game featured a single player mode and a multiplayer / multidevice mode. People could set up their own game states and play with each other on a big screen or play on their own device.

View of ‘on device’ mode.
Enter a custom ID or create a new game
Play the game on a separate screen or on your device
The story
Character selection screen
GIF – Stage 1
GIF – Stage 2
GIF – Stage 3
GIF – Stage 4
GIF – Stage 5

Design: Per Øyvind Weum
Character Design: Magnus Lunde Engen
Environment Design: Per Øyvind Weum
Development: Torstein Raabye Haugen
Development: Bjørn Salte
Text: Runar Wiksnes