Boondock Saints

This personal project is the first proper animation I did in After Effects.

The final moments of the movie “Boondock Saints” has always been a favourite of mine. The protagonists overcome the head of the Italian mob, and give a great speech in front of a full courtroom. I wanted to bring that speech to life in a Kinetic Typography and at the same time showcase the first typeface I designed: Heavy Feet.

Add Gaming Experience To Your CV

Together with Manpower we developed a new way to find the perfect job applicant. 71.000 young people in Norway who neither have a job nor attend higher education, play video games. They develope their cognitive abilities, social and problem solving skills through video games. Their gaming experience may be a perfect substitute for work experience.

Manpower added a new section to their registration form, allowing people to add gaming experience to their CV. We encouraged them to explain how the experience was relevant and what they had learned from their gaming.

We kicked of the initiative by launching a campaign where we showcased gaming characters in real world working environments. Nikolai Lockertsen illustrated a beautiful universe emulating video game art, which we brought to life in short animated sequences. The videos were distributed on twitch, snapchat, facebook, digital boards in the cityscape, and internally at Manpower.

Campaign Website
Registration Form

Illustration: Nikolai Lockertsen
Creative team: Mads Bergstrøm & Marius Handstad
Animation: Per Øyvind Weum & Igor Nilsen
Design: Magnus Lunde Engen & Per Øyvind Weum
Research: Per Øyvind Weum & Runar Wiksnes